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The Future of AVB

clock towerThe future of AVB is very bright.  After 98 years of solid growth and operating with one office, AVB Bank opened its first branch at 121st and South Elm Place (BA) in March of 2002.  In 2005 the Bank expanded into Tulsa with a new branch at 51st and Mingo. 

2007 was a year of continued growth as a location was opened in the booming Stone Wood Hills area next to The Bass Pro Shop, just off the BA Expressway in Broken Arrow.

As AVB celebrated the Bank's 110th year of serving the communities of Broken Arrow and Tulsa, a new facility was opened in the heart of the Rose District.  The new facility is located at the corner of Main and Ft. Worth Streets (BA).

The employees, officers, directors and shareholders of AVB Bank are excited to see the growth and expansion of the cities in which we live and work!!  We are committed to continue our growth through sound lending practices, by providing quality service (regardless of the delivery manner you choose to conduct your business), knowledgeable staff and competitive products, and by reinvesting in our communities.  Education, arts and economic development are our three main reinvestment initiatives...and we know that what we do makes a difference in the lives of our customers and communities!

AVB Bank's mission is simple:  Serve, Connect, and Succeed Together.  And, it is with this mission in mind, that we continue our growth throughout Broken Arrow and Tulsa.