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Savings & Money Markets

Savings Account

Start saving for tomorrow...TODAY!

Discover the benefit of compounded interest over time.  AVB's Savings Account earns interest at a variable rate which is accrued daily.  Based on your current balance, interest is compounded and paid quarterly.  There is no quarterly service charge when a minimum balance is maintained, and you are provided up to six (6) withdrawals per quarter.

You can, also, help your child learn the value of saving money.  Open a savings account for your child with a low beginning deposit requirement.  Until the age of 18, the minimum balance requirements and transaction fees are waived.


Money Market Accounts

An AVB Money Market Account offers the perfect combination...allowing you to earn tiered interest rates based upon your balance, while still giving you the convenience of writing a limited number of checks each month.  

Come by for a cup of coffee or call us at 918.251.9611 and let's discuss the benefits these accounts offer you, as well as the various account features and rates.  Whatever your financial goals, you can count on AVB Bank to assist you with your roadmap!