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Company History

Bank Circa 1908AVB was founded in 1905 in the territorial days, two years before Oklahoma statehood!  Founded with the help of investor and landowner, G.A. Brown, Arkansas Valley National Bank was named for the fertile valley of the Arkansas River that surrounded it.  Upon statehood, the Bank changed to a state charter and became Arkansas Valley State Bank, and in 2008 the Bank became known as AVB.

Threaded through the history of Broken Arrow, the Bank was built on a dusty little street beside the railroad tracks, the lifeblood of the small community. AVB has been a survivor, hunkering down during the hard times of the Depression, the Dust Bowl, and World War II.  Following the war, there was a period of steady progress before the Bank and the community of Broken Arrow literally exploded with exciting, unbelievable growth.

In the mid-1950s, Ivan Brown, a banker in Bixby, moved back to his hometown of Broken Arrow to take over as the institution’s leader.  Married to Barbara Brown, Ivan Brown’s daughter, Neely Kimbrough joined AVB as president in the early 1960s when the Bank’s total assets were $2 million. 

Even though times were good, AVB's survival was not without struggles. There were times when other banks were going "belly up" all over the state.  Because of a prudent loan policy and careful attention to the needs of the people in the community, AVB not only survived, but also continued to prosper and grow side by side with the community of Broken Arrow.

Through the continued leadership and involvement of the Brown-Kimbrough family, former presidents K.M. Rowe, and Virginia Johnson, we’ve based our success on trust, stability, good old-fashioned hard work, and personal service to our valued customers.  The Brown-Kimbrough family, now in its fourth generation, has always been active in the management of the Bank.  Today at over $260 million in assets, the Bank's executive management team is led by Chairman of the Board Kelley Kimbrough-Rash.

Through the years, AVB has built its successes and its future on the solid foundation of being a hometown bank willing to meet the needs of hometown families. We recognize the importance of our community and realize the Bank will only do as well as the community does. That is why you can always count on AVB to actively be involved in supporting Broken Arrow and Tulsa.