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Community Leadership

AVB...local community banking and leadership since 1905! 

AVB takes its role in the community very seriously.  Community service has been a part of our culture for over 100 years. We donate tens of thousands of dollars each year to several local charitable organizations and this year our employees contributed numerous hours of volunteer time serving in various capacities with a variety of organizations in Broken Arrow and Tulsa.  Economic Development, Education and the Arts are three of the main focuses of our charitable giving. 

Community service is not what we do...it's who we are

What is a Community Bank? 

Community banks are independent, locally-owned and operated institutions. 

Why is a Community Bank important? 

Community banks are important because they focus on the needs of local families and businesses. The main concern of a community bank is investing in the neighborhoods, communities, schools and businesses in their area. 

Why is banking at a Community Bank important to me? 

By banking with a Community Bank, you are contributing to the growth of your local economy.  You are not contributing to the bottom line of some huge holding company located in another state.